Dating Mistakes: The Real Reason He Won’t Call

Ladies, we’ve all been through it. He’s a great guy, he seems to enjoy your company, and he said he’d call……but he hasn’t. There are many why this could be happening, many of which have more to do with him than with you. Think carefully, though, about the following common dating blunders that may have contributed to the lack of activity on your telephone.

Talking Too Much

This is a common blunder that many women make. Experts point out that women are typically much more verbal than men, so what may seem like a normal amount of talking to you could seem like endless chattering to him.

Emotional Dependence

A desperate or needy woman will send all but the bravest man running for cover. Most men want to be with a woman who has a strong sense of self worth, so take the time to do some personal development in this area if needed.

Breaking Promises

In a relationship there are all sorts of promises made, both spoken and unspoken. They can range from sending mixed signals about physical intimacy to assuming emotional commitment that doesn’t exist. Think about the promises made in your relationship and be objective about whether or not they are for the better.

Too Much, Too Soon

If you’re looking for an exclusive relationship with him, take a good hard look at whether he’s really ready for that. Exclusivity feels scary to many men, especially if they feel like you’re trying to push them toward a level of commitment that they don’t want.

Don’t Play House

If you’re not married to him, don’t act as if you are. Cooking dinner every night, doing his laundry, planning to spend every minute together, deciding whose family to spend the holidays with, these are all things that can be part of a committed marriage relationship. They should not, though, be part of a dating relationship too quickly.

Friends Are Friends Forever

Remember the Michael W. Smith song about the importance of lasting friendship? If you spend all of your time focused on the dating relationship and not enough on your existing friendships, he may start to wonder if you’ll discard him, too, when something newer comes along.

Living In The Past

We all carry around some emotional pain and past hurts, but be careful about how quickly you share such personal information. You may be longing for someone to talk with, but when you go down this path too soon it leaves you vulnerable and puts him in an awkward position if he’s not ready for that level of sharing.

Take Off The Rose-Colored Glasses

Groucho Marx is sometimes quoted as saying, “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it.” In other words, sometimes the bottom line is that he simply doesn’t enjoy your company as much as you enjoy his company. No matter how much you wish it could be different, it isn’t. Maybe he’s too shy to tell you straight out, or perhaps he’s afraid you’ll be angry and hurt. If this is the case with your relationship, give yourself some time to heal your heart and catch your breath, then put it behind you and move on.

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