Deep Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Think

Have you ever thought that everything in your life happens for a reason? And there are things in the world that are hard to explain and it would be interesting to discuss them. Then why not to discuss these deep topics with your female friend or with your girlfriend?

First, these 150 deep questions to ask a girl will give you two an extraordinary experience of new kind of communication and will make you two think and reflect. Of course, many of these questions require a special moral preparation and a special atmosphere. I would recommend asking a girl deep questions when both of you are relaxed and ready for an interesting and long dialogue.

For a more convenient use of 150 deep questions to ask a girl, you are offered lists of questions for specific cases, depending on how well you know a girl and how well you would like to know her.

25 Best Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

1. Have you ever had such a situation in your life when it seemed that everything was bad but then it turned out that it all was for the best? Do you remember these moments in your life?

2. Have you ever wondered why do you live? And what is your mission on this planet?

3. Who do you think you used to be in your previous life?

4. Do you think every star in the sky can be a new planet or a galaxy?

5. Have you ever dreamt about being able to fly and hover like a bird in the clouds, watching the world from high above?

6. Do you approve the idea of ​​Elon Musk and flights to Mars? Would you like to fly to Mars for an expedition?

7. Can a person change his life and change himself? Or can one just improve the qualities that he or she already has?

8. If you had only a year left to live, what would you try to achieve?

9. Can you read your interlocutor’s gestures?

10. Have you ever had such a situation in your life when you didn’t want to go somewhere, for example, to a party with friends, and then this party turned out to be one of the best in your life? Why do you think that happens?

11. Are there people in your life with whom you can remain true to yourself? And are there people with whom you have to hide your true self?

12. Would you like to have any superpower? What kind of superpower would it be?

13. If there was an exact copy of you in the world, would you be friends and cooperate or would you fight and compete?

14. Which gift of all that you got was the greatest joy for you? Why this particular gift?

15. Have you ever been in a desert or in such a place where there are no traces of humans – no houses, no roads, and no telegraph poles – nothing?

16. Have you had such situations when a friend of yours is talking to you, but suddenly you start daydreaming and miss half of the story? What will you do – will you ask to tell the story again or will you go on listening, given that you’ve missed the main events?

17. Do you often share your feelings with other people or do you prefer to keep them secret?

18. If you had 30 seconds to say something to the world, what would you say?

19. If you knew that your life is a dream, would you like to wake up? Given the fact that you have no idea of whether your “real” life is better or worse?

20. Would you sacrifice your life to save other person’s life?

21. Which day of your life would you like to live one more time?

22. Have you ever been told that you resemble someone or any of celebrities?

23. Have you ever had a situation when you suddenly became friends with a person you used to hate?

24. Why do brilliant ideas appear in our heads before bedtime, but when we wake up in the morning they seem to disappear? Have such things happened to you?

25. Have you ever met people with whom you have never been acquainted but it seemed that you have known each other for several years?

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26. Would you like to have lots of friends or only a few but very close ones?

27. Were you interested in your family tree? Who were your ancestors?

28. What influenced your development, formation of your personality?

29. Is there anything that you managed to complete but hadn’t believed that it was possible?

30. Do you often daydream? What do you think most often about?

31. If you didn’t want to go anywhere but your friends came to visit you, and suddenly they decided to go somewhere for a walk in the evening and invited you to go with them, would you go with them or stay at home?

32. Do you like the person you have become?

33. What will you regret not having done in your life?

34. What have you learned from your personal good and bad experience?

35. Is there anything you are proud to have done?

36. What inspires you to act kindly?

37. How do you feel about advice from other people? Do you listen to what other people say or do you always have your own opinion?

38. What would you like to do but cannot take your chance?

39. Have there ever been any interesting situations while you were asleep? For example, have you ever talked in your sleep or had a dream when you knew that you were just dreaming?

40. Have you ever had tears raining down your cheeks because of a book, a film, or any TV program?

41. How do you react when your opinion differs from other people’s opinion?

42. Do you have fears? What are they? Do you think it is real to get rid of them and how can you do this?

43. Have you ever found yourself in a situation when people around you pushed you towards ill acts? Did you succumb to that pressure or did you realize that it was bad and you didn’t do it?

44. Have you ever had such a vivid dream that you still have stuck in your memory?

45. Why is it sometimes difficult to forgive other people? Have you ever had situations when you couldn’t forgive someone and why?

25 Deep Questions to Ask a Girl to Know Her Better

46. ​​What is freedom for you?

47. Do your thoughts often set you for a negative mood when in fact everything is not as bad as you think?

48. Have you ever had situations when you lost control, although somewhere deep in your soul you felt that it was not you but your emotions? What were these situations?

49. If you found out that you could become better day by day with the help of right books, would you read every day?

50. Do you care what people talk behind your back?

51. What is the wisest thought you have ever heard?

52. How often do you feel worried and scared?

53. Are you afraid to be yourself among strangers? Why?

54. Have there been moments in your life that make you feel grateful?

55. Have you ever lied to yourself? For example, you were invited for a walk and you agreed, but in fact you didn’t want it and spent the whole evening thinking about why you had agreed?

56. What lies do you keep telling yourself every time, but cannot admit it?

57. What movies have made you think? Which ones have changed your way of thinking?

58. Are there books that have changed you?

59. What did you spend the first money you earned on?

60. Is it easy to change your mind?

61. What is the most beautiful place you have ever been to?

62. How do you see your perfect home?

63. Do you like the way people treat you and you treat them? Would you change anything in this relationship?

64. Do you often do inconsiderate things?

65. If you had enough money for the rest of your life and did not have to go to work, what would you like to do in your free time?

66. What is the main quality you are looking for in other people?

67. What are your three biggest weaknesses?

68. Have you ever wanted to strangle someone out of spite?

69. What was the most difficult thing in your life that you had to do?

70. Do you like risk and thrill?

71. At what age did you understand that you were already an adult person?

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72. Where do you prefer to get acquainted with guys?

73. What do you think about how one should resolve conflicts in a relationship? And is it possible to avoid them?

74. If your mom asks you about me, how will you describe me to her?

75. Do you plan to start a relationship in the near future?

76. What men actions make you admire?

77. What character should your boyfriend have?

78. Do you have plans to start a family and have children in future?

79. When you end a relationship, do you keep terms with your ex in future?

80. What do you think about adultery? Would you ever forgive adultery?

81. Why did you break up with your ex?

82. How long did your previous relationship last?

83. Do you think it is right to introduce a guy you are dating to your parents?

84. Do your parents somehow influence your choice of a boyfriend?

85. If your parents don’t like the guy you will be dating, will you stop dating him?

86. What are the height and weight that you consider to be perfect? Do you like musclebound guys, thin or fat ones?

87. Do you have a lot of male friends?

88. How do you feel about lying in a relationship?

89. Could you live with a guy who has a child from a previous marriage?

90. Have you had relationships with people much older or younger than you?

91. How would you feel if your boyfriend gained weight in future?

92. Could you marry a foreigner for the sake of living abroad?

93. Who will you choose – a guy with a big purse or a big heart?

20 Deep Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Think

94. Do you trust people completely or partially?

95. How do you understand that a person is your soul-mate in communication?

96. Who do you think is the greatest man in history?

97. What do you think is there in the deepest ocean, where the humanity has not reached yet?

98. Do you believe that you have a soul?

99. Why are girls emotional and why do men rely more on intellectual interpretation of circumstances?

100. Do you think God lives somewhere in the sky or inside every person?

101. If somebody told you that you would die tomorrow, what questions would you ask yourself?

102. What we get provides for our existence. What we give builds up our life. Do you agree with it?

103. If you had an opportunity to change the past, what would you change?

104. If you could choose to have no more difficulties and obstacles in your life, would you choose such a life?

105. Imagine that you are rich and famous. How have you achieved it?

106. If you had an opportunity to completely forget your past and start living from scratch today, how would it affect your life?

107. If you could live forever, what would you do?

108. If you had an opportunity to learn something in 30 minutes, what would you learn?

109. If you had an opportunity to remain at some age, what age would it be?

110. What would you like to achieve in 5-10 years? How do you see your future life?

111. Do you think one need to make mistakes in life? Do they help us in life?

112. Which era would suit you better than the modern times?

113. Have you ever had an annoying feeling that your friends just use you?

15 Deep Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

114. What do you think brings us together most?

115. What do you think influenced the fact that we are dating now?

116. What would you like to improve in our relationship?

117. Do you remember the first day of our relationship? What emotions overwhelmed you?

118. Which of my qualities do you like, and which don’t?

119. If you could change something in me, what would it be?

120. Which of my qualities seems the most strange or incomprehensible to you?

121. Tell me about the simplest thing that I could do for you so that you always feel my care?

122. Is there anything you want us to do together, which we don’t do now?

123. Describe the perfect day that we could live together. What is it like?

124. How do you feel when I kiss and hug you in public places?

125. If other people were jealous of us, how would you react to this?

126. What would you like me to do for you?

127. What kind of touch make you feel your skin crawling?

128. What are the 3 qualities for which you appreciate me, what are these qualities?

7 Deep Questions to Ask a Girl about Love

129. What would make all the people on this planet happy? A feeling of wealth or a feeling of love?

130. Do you believe in true love? What drives love and why do we need this feeling?

131. What do you think is the most important thing for a happy relationship between a man and a woman?

132. If a person doesn’t feel in love any more, should you try to hold him or is it easier to let him go?

133. Was your first sympathy mutual?

134. Are you afraid that you will fall in love with someone and lose self-control?

135. Would you like to fall in love once and for life?

15 Deep Questions to Ask a Girl About Life

136. If we told each other only the truth, would the world become a better or a worse place? After all, there is the truth that we hide not to offend someone. Do you think it should be said or not?

137. What is stronger: money or truth? Money or power?

138. What is the difference between two people’s lives, one of whom lives for a specific goal and the other lives without a goal?

139. Why have people become so lonely in these latter days? Do you think the Internet and social networks somehow influence it?

140. How much money do you need so that you could never think about working for money?

141. If the average age of people was 30 years old, just as it was in the Middle Ages, would you have lived your life in a different way?

142. Can all people on earth be happy? If not, why? If yes, how?

143. How would the world change if you hadn’t been born?

144. If you with all your experience were moved 5-10 years back, how would your actions and life change?

145. Why people are addicted to bad habits these days, do they have such a weak will power?

146. Imagine that there is no such thing as money in the world. There is no need to earn it. What will you do then?

147. What do you think, where will you be in 10 years if your life works out perfectly?

148. Do you like large crowds of people or do you prefer places where there are few people? Which large-scale events have you visited, how many people were there?

149. Do you manage to separate work and personal life?

150. When you think about your life, what surprises you most?

151. Have you ever had close calls in your life?


In this article, you’ve learned about 150 deep questions to ask a girl. You can remember the best of them and ask them at a well-chosen moment. As has already been said, it’s necessary to wait for the right moment during a date in order to ask a particular question. For example, you are looking at the sky together, so why not ask a question: “Do you think the stars in the sky can be new planets or galaxies?”, or “Do you believe that extraterrestrial life really exists?” etc. If you went somewhere private, you can ask personal questions or questions that will help you to know the girl better.

No doubt that a girl will appreciate your increased interest in her personality. Ask her about her hobbies, leisure time, and friends; ask her to tell you something about her childhood, school, and work. Try to encourage a girl to have a heart-to-heart talk full of personal judgments. This will help you not only to keep the conversation, but also to understand whether this person suits you or not. Moreover, the information you’ve got can be used for building up a relationship in future.

It’s important to know not only what questions can be used to interest a girl, but how they should be asked as well. During the conversation, look into her eyes, express your approval with a nod and a smile. If you disagree with her, don’t hesitate to argue: women like men having their own position.

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