150+ [BEST] Funniest and Cheesiest Pick Up Lines Ever

You may not believe this, but one effective pick up line can literally help you to win over the person you are interested in and achieve the desired goal of acquaintance. However, there are situations when pick up lines may not be appropriate. Some of them require acting technique and a proper intonation, while others will not work if a girl/boy does not have a sense of humor. Well, if a person has a bad sense of humor, everything else in his/her life is also not so great – it is a time proved fact. So, make use of these 150 funny and cheesy pick up lines and enjoy a new acquaintance.

Since there are too many places where people meet each other, we decided to divide our pick up lines into two categories:

  • 130 Best Funny and Cheesy Pick Up Lines
  • 20 Funny and Cheesy Tinder Pick Up Lines

Best Funny and Cheesy Pick Up Lines

#1. Hi, I am your toilet paper and I’m in love with what I saw last evening!

#2. Did you watch the Harry Potter movie? Then show me your secret chamber.

#3. Your legs are like an Oreo cookie: I want to split them in two and eat all the delicious stuff in the middle.

#4. If I were asked to enumerate 7 wonders of the world, I would repeat your name 7 times.

#5. I’ve recognized you! You are the girl who stole my candies in the nursery school! Return them right now!

#6. The wind has just touched your lips – I’m jealous of it!

#7. I have a boyfriend for your dog. Maybe, I will find one for you, too.

#8. Do you know what I shall be for Halloween? Yours.

#9. Are you prepared to get acquainted with me? No? Then I will get acquainted with you unprepared.

#10. I like you as much as a fatty boy likes donuts.

#11. You: «Sorry, did you talk to me?» She: «No». You: «Then, please, start».

#12. No, I am not drunk. I am just mesmerized by you.

#13. Do not worry, if one night a fat old man shoves you into a giant bag. I just asked Santa to give me you as a Christmas gift.

#14. You: Close your eyes, what do you see? She: Nothing. You: This is my world without you.

#15. Is your mom a microwave oven? Because you are such a hot babe.

#16. Girl, are your legs aching? Because you have been running through my dreams all night long.

#17. I will give you my kiss, but if you do not like it, you may return it.

#18. You look gorgeous in these clothes, but I bet you look even better out of them!

#19. I could take you out to the North Pole but I am afraid your beauty would melt all the ice.

#20. Let’s toss a coin. If it is the heads, you are mine. If it is the tails, I am yours.

#21. Let’s go out because my hands hurt from loneliness.

#22. If I were a watermelon, would you swallow or spit my seeds?

#23. You must be working in KFC because your legs look finger-licking good.

#24. If one of your legs was a left bank and another leg was a right bank, I would like to be a ship and float between your banks.

#25. You: Wait, you forgot something! She: What exactly? You: you forgot to get acquainted with me.

#26. Can you loan me 5 dollars? I will return them when we get married.

#27. Are you a sister of Angelina Jolie?

#28. You must be the Queen of England because your manner of walking is royal.

#29. I am an interior designer. And I need only one thing to make my bedroom lighter. – What thing? – You.

#30. How precious! Is it your legs? Are they real? May I touch?

#31. Help the homeless – take me to your home!

#32. If I was a cat I would spend all my 9 lives with you.

#33. Is it hot in here or it is just you?

#34. My mattress is so hard. Could you help me break it in?

#35. I’m sure your name will sound perfectly with my surname. Let’s check!

#36. I would like to ask you out tonight. What will be your positive answer?

#37. Do you know what would look nice on you? Me.

#38. You can adopt me but then you will have to feed me at your breast.

#39. May I follow you home? Because my parents always tell me that I must follow my dreams.

#40. I would eagerly marry your cat just to see you more often at home.

#41. Do you know that lions can copulate up to 50 times per day? By the way, my Zodiac sign is Lion.

#42. I bet $100 that you will refuse if I invite you to spend a night at my place

#43. Girl, are your parents billionaires? Otherwise, where did they get a diamond like you?

#44. I feel short of breath. Will you give me mouth-to-mouth?

#45. How could you have stolen all the stars from the sky? I see them shining in your eyes.

#46. Have you heard this? It seems that your heart has just told: “I love you”.

#47. When I saw you I thanked God for not being married yet.

#48. The only thing I would like to change about you is your last name.

#49. Is your inner world as beautiful as your appearance?

#50. There is a snake in my pants, and it stings me so badly between my legs! Will you help me calm it down because I cannot deal with it by myself?

#51. You are a witch! You’ve cast a love-spell on me! What shall I do now?

#52. Do you believe in love at first sight or I shall pass by once again?

#53. Hi, I am Batman. I was told you were searching for me.

#54. What will you do tonight after going to the movies with me?

#55. If you were a tree, I would like to be a koala and hug you tenderly.

#56. One kiss can burn 5 calories. What about training?

#57. Your lips look so lonely… Do they miss mine?

#58. Your clothes must go now, but you should stay.

#59. I see you are cold. May I wrap you up like a warm blanket?

#60. Girl, the lipstick on your lips looks so tasty. May I try it?

#61. Do you have a welder’s helmet? Your beauty is dazzling my eyes.

#62. Are you from McDonald’s? Because when I look at your body I feel “I’m lovin’ it”!

#63. I’m not sure whether you know this, but you look like my next girlfriend.

#64. There is something wrong with my phone. It does not have your number.

#65. You have so many days and nights ahead, so we will have enough time to know each other.

#66. Did you see my phone here? It seems that I lost it. Could you dial my number, please?

#67. Your body is 70% made of water, and I am very thirsty.

#68. Do you have a map? Because I am lost in your eyes.

#69. The most talented artists of the world would never be able to reproduce a masterpiece like you.

#70. Well, I’m here. What will be your other two wishes?

#71. Your right eye is brighter than the left – I have never seen anything like this before!

#72. I could bake cookies on you because you are so hot.

#73. Let me tie your laces because I don’t want you to fall for anyone else.

#74. I do not know your name yet, but I know you are on my list of things to do tonight.

#75. You are wrong, if you think that I just want to get acquainted with you. I also want to ask you out on a date!

#76. How many times did you give the brush off today? I gave only three so far. Modern girls are so impudent!

#77. If you were Netflix, I would watch you for hours.

#78. Did it hurt when you fell?.. When you fell out of heaven?..

#79. Are you a camera? Because I always smile when I look at you.

#80. My parents are so excited because they cannot wait to meet you!

#81. You smiled so beautifully that I forgot where I was going to.

#82. Could you lend me one kiss? I promise I will give it back very soon.

#83. Why did you stop smiling? I just started falling in love!

#84. I think you are suffering from a lack of one very important vitamin. Vitamin Me.

#85. Did you sleep well tonight without tossing and turning? And I could not sleep all night long anticipating our meeting.

#86. Your hand looks so heavy, but I’m ready to hold it for you.

#87. Do you love sleeping? Me too! Let’s do it together!

#88. I’m allergic to your clothes! Take them off immediately!

#89. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would place U and I together.

#90. We’ve been staring at each other for so long that we forgot to get acquainted. Let’s try again.

#91. Are your father an artist? Because you are a real masterpiece of art!

#92. I think heaven will not be so beautiful after you left it.

#93. A fortune-teller told me that today I would meet the most beautiful girl of the world and didn’t lie!

#94. Did you meet me before? No? Why then do you have a feeling that we know each other for years? Maybe, because you want to give me your phone number?

#95. Is it the sun that dazzles me or your smile?

#96. How can I get into your to-do list for tonight?

#97. There is definitely something wrong with my eyes because I cannot take them off you.

#98. I’m new in this city; can you give me directions to your house, please?

#99. If you were aspirin, I would take you every three hours.

#100. Are you Wi-Fi? Because I’m feeling a strong connection between us.

#101. There is a 100% sale on all your clothes in my bedroom tonight!

#102. How much is your smile? I would like to buy it.

#103. You just looked at me as if your parents are not at home.

#104. Are not you afraid that someone might get acquainted with you like this?

#105. Such a beautiful girl like you should have a beautiful phone number.

#106. Did you recognize me? I didn’t recognize you either, but it is not a reason to pass by.

#107. I’m afraid I will become a diabetic because you are very sweet.

#108. I am not a surgeon but I would eagerly give you my heart.

#109. Well, I’m not a jinni, but I can make your dreams come true, too.

#110. Are you a magnet? Because you are attracting me so much!

#111. Somebody, give me a lifeguard right now! Because I am drowning in the eyes of this beautiful girl!

#112. Your hair is so beautiful. I think it will make a perfect match with my pillow. Would you like to check that?

#113. I came to you because I wanted to listen to the angel speaking.

#114. Santa Clause sent me to you because I was your wish for Christmas.

#115. Excuse me could you give me your phone number? Because I forgot mine.

#116. Excuse me would you like to take part in a short survey? The question is: would you agree to go out on a date with a guy like me?

#117. You are so beautiful that I forgot my pick-up line.

#118. Can you tell me what modeling agency you work in? I want to get my sister there.

#119. Do you look like that on all guys or just on those whom you like?

#120. Could you wake me up tomorrow morning by calling on my mobile phone, because I can oversleep?

#121. This area is mine-studded. Let’s go, I will show you an alternative route.

#122. Can I take a picture of you on my phone? Because I want Santa to know what I want as a Christmas present.

#123. [In transport] Is it you who just pinched me?

#124. [In transport] I can’t get to the handrail. Can I hold on you?

#125. [In transport] There is not much pressure on you. Do you know why? Because I hold them all.

#126. [On the subway or in a shop] May I give you a ride on this moving stairs?

#127. [In a museum] In my opinion, it is a portrait of your great-great-grandmother.

#128. [In an elevator] Do you know whether this elevator goes to the heaven?

#129. [In a car] I’m going to the heaven. I can give you a ride, if you want.

#130. [In the dark] Please smile because it’s so dark outside!

#131. [On a beach] Could you give me your sunglasses because my swimming trunks is drown.

20 Funny and Cheesy Tinder Pick Up Lines

Tinder is an outstanding dating application. Here, you do not need an acting talent or high self-confidence to start talking to a girl. In Tinder, you will not have problems with meeting new people because from the very beginning, you know that a girl/boy is single, too. All that you need is to use Tinder pick up lines without forgetting that an interaction can develop in the opposite direction than you expected and that different people may react differently to these phrases.

Poem #1

I do not remember…
It was day or night
I couldn’t take my eyes off you
But my finger swipe right

Poem #2

Sun is shining
Let’s go on a date
If everything goes well
Then maybe we mate?

Poem #3

Your smile is so nice
Your eyes are blue
I do it with my hand
But I can do it with you

Poem #4

Your cheeks are cute
Your teeth are white
I fall in love
And swipe you right

Poem #5

To be
Or not to be
What you really want
Get married with my D

Poem #6

If you’re alone
And your heart is free
I’m an organ doctor
Give it to me

Poem #7

You have mysterious eyes
And beautiful lips
Sit on my face
And move smoothly your hips

Poem #8

Nothing to lose
I’m bulletproof
Take off your clothes
And go to my roof

Poem #9

I don’t need a car
Or pick up line
I know for sure
You will be mine

Poem #10

Swipe left
Swipe right
I anyway
Gonna steal you this night

Poem #11

You are so nice
I’m so fine
You are the six
I’m the nine

Poem #12

Your hands like a charm
Your smile like a sun
Give me your number
We’ll have a lot of fun

#13. You: «You are a lucky girl!» She: «Why?» You: «Because you are only 10 miles away from the best night of your life»

#14. Congratulations! We are a match! The next step is to pick a date of our wedding, right?

#15. If Tinder is just a numbers game, will you give me your number?

#16. Give me your number right now if you do not want us to chat for three years in Tinder like Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas.

#17. We are a match! Call your mom and tell her that from today, you live with me! I am serious!

#18. Yesterday Tinder showed me that the distance between us was 69 miles, but today it is only 10. Do you think it is a sign?

#19. You: «I promise to never tell anyone what I know about you…» She: «What exactly? » You: «The fact that you are secretly in love with me that’s why you swiped right. »

#20. In your opinion: do you like me more or do I like you more?

Bottom Line

Funny and cheesy pick up lines are gaining an incredible popularity because they are a proven method to get acquainted with a guy/girl you are interested in an unusual and fun way. If you’re going to use pick up lines to get to know with someone in the street, then you’d better practice a little beforehand.

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