How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding on Average?

The long-awaited moment has come and she said: “Yes!” Now it’s time to think about when to start preparing. Many brides admit that the hardest part of getting ready for a wedding is deciding when and where to start planning the wedding. What should be done immediately after the engagement, and what tasks can be postponed? Today we have prepared the ultimate guide on how long it takes to plan a wedding on average and what you need to do to make your day special.

How long does it take to plan a wedding on average? You should start preparing for the wedding in advance. It’s good if you have at least 6 months. If you plan your wedding within 6 months, you will be able to choose the best dress for your wedding, book the best restaurant and get to know all the tips that will make your wedding perfect.

In order not to get confused in a series of organizational moments, create a basis for yourself that you should always take into account. If you do this, you will not rush about with the question of where to start the planned preparation for the wedding as all the steps will already be taken into account by you.

Now let’s dive into this a bit deeper.

How Long Should It Take to Plan a Wedding?

There is no correct answer to how long it should take to plan a wedding. The earlier — the better. However, you can plan a perfect wedding even in 1 month. Let’s divide the timeline into the following categories:

Is 6-9 months enough time to plan a wedding?

6-9 months can be enough time to plan a wedding. If you decide to have a wedding on the hottest dates of the season, then it is better to immediately book a restaurant, photographer and a master of ceremonies. At the same time, it is better to start preparing the wedding and send out the “save the date” cards to the guests and start developing your unique super idea. For a large and luxurious wedding, inviting people from abroad and planning a long trip on a honeymoon, it takes more than six months.

Is 3-5 months enough time to plan a wedding?

On average, if your wedding is not on a very popular date and you want a beautiful wedding with interesting decor, creative idea and good contractors, then 3-5 months is enough time to plan a wedding but it is better to book everything as soon as possible once the wedding date is clear. After all, you cannot book a restaurant or invite a professional photographer if you do not know what you want exactly. You will need quite a bit of time to think it over, so you need to start early.

Is 1-2 months enough time to plan a wedding?

1-2 months is enough time to plan a wedding if you want to have a small wedding, which consists of getting married in a registry office, a photo session and dinner. If you want to do everything simply, nicely and beautifully without bothering over some grandiose things, then one month is enough to make your wedding perfect. However, it may be tough to find a good photographer or a restaurant if you plan your wedding within a month. It is still better to have at least 3 months before the wedding. In practice, of course, there are weddings that the agencies prepared in 2 weeks, but these are completely unrealistic terms.

How do I plan a small wedding in 3 weeks? What should I be doing 3 weeks before my wedding?

If you want to plan a small wedding in just 3 weeks, you need to be very organised. Do not worry, it is possible. Do you want to know how to plan your last-minute wedding?

Let’s divide the preparation process into 3 stages (each one can take about 7 days). So, here is what you should be doing 3 weeks before your wedding:

Week 1: What’s the first thing to do when planning a wedding? The first thing to do when planning a wedding is filing an application with the registry office.

  • Filing an application with the registry office, determining the format of the wedding;
  • Budgeting;
  • Determination of the style of the wedding (you do not need to include some crazy imagination, it is enough to adhere to ready-made solutions);
  • Distribution of responsibilities between the groom and the bride (the bride is usually concerned with the choice of dress and shoes, accessories, bouquet, floristry, cake, wedding stylist and decorator while the groom is entrusted with the purchase of rings, a suit, shoes, ordering wedding transport. Together, you can choose the host of the holiday, photographer, videographer. Relatives can be entrusted with ordering invitations, resolving the issue of resettlement of visiting guests and other related issues).

Week 2:

  • Choosing a restaurant, a banquet hall. Having decided on the restaurant, you can contact the administrator by telephone to find out if it is available for your date. The range of restaurants will be narrowed down to 3-5 options, you can personally come to the restaurant, leave an advance payment for booking the restaurant;
  • Meeting with the wedding photographer and operator. Having decided on the candidates, it is better to leave an advance payment in order to book a professional for your date, and stipulate the main points (date for a “love story”, filming of promo videos, etc.);
  • Meeting with the host of the event. So, you will be able to decide on the entertainment program for your wedding, the entertainer will personally get to know you and you will be able to feel the atmosphere of the family and determine the required format for the celebration.

Week 3:

The last 7 days before the planned wedding celebration are set aside for final control and correction of wedding plans. During this period, you need to buy alcohol and choose a final menu, test your hairstyle and make-up.

Why Does It Take So Long to Plan a Wedding?

Wedding planning does not take very long if you do everything properly. You can organise a perfect wedding even if you have 1 month ahead. However, you want everything to be done right and that is why the best time to plan a wedding is 6 month on average.

You will need to think about what restaurant, dress, design of the wedding and photographer you want. If you choose the most popular restaurant or the most famous photographer in your city, you may have troubles booking them for your wedding if it is in 3 weeks.

Some Tips on How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

  • You should book a restaurant no later than a month before the event. Take your time with the choice so as not to miss the most important thing, but do not delay.
  • You can buy a dress long before the wedding, the main thing is not to lose too much weight or gain weight during this time so that you do not have to alter it in a hurry. There are discounts in the off-season, so if you have a wedding in the summer, try buying a dress in the winter.
  • In the summer, as it is wedding season, everything is booked much faster. Therefore, you need to be a little more active and not delay choosing a restaurant, photographer, decorator, videographer and florists.
  • In winter, on the contrary, you do not need to be in such a hurry, since you have fewer competitors in the person of other newlyweds, and you can more systematically approach the choice.
  • If there is a chance to change your mind, it is best not to book. The fact is that if you have even the slightest doubt, you should not book just because of a rush, calmly select the options you like, then you will find the best one.
  • Do not worry about time, you will be on time for everything, and if you worry too much, you risk looking tired at your own wedding. Have fun planning your wedding.

Also, there are some lifehacks about wedding planning that we want to share with you.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Wedding Planning

Before the wedding, most brides do not know how long it takes to plan a wedding and what you need to do. Here are the things you better know in advance.

  • It does not take years to plan a wedding.

Yes, it’s convenient to prepare in advance, but there are limits. Most often, the preparation that lasted for two years will no longer bring so much joy, and most importantly, the wait for that very day will be too long, and you will have time to change the initial concept a hundred times. It is optimal to plan the wedding within 6-8 months, however, sometimes this period can be extended to a year.

  • A small wedding is not easier to plan that a huge wedding.

Of course, if there are not many guests, it will be easier to find a suitable size banquet hall. But most of the business remains the same: choosing a dress, drawing up a menu, developing a concept and decor, drawing up an entertainment program, choosing a cake. Sometimes a small celebration requires even more attention to detail from a couple.

  • You will need to sign a lot of agreements while planning your wedding. 

And this is normal and correct. Of course, it will take a lot of time to read and sign, but on the wedding day and before it you will be calm that the necessary contractors will not let you down, the work will be completed on time, etc.

  • You will get a lot of advice on how to plan your wedding.

All your friends, relatives and, of course, parents will begin to share tips and ideas on how your wedding planning should be. Yes, everyone will have their own opinion: the dress should be magnificent, roses are required in the decor, you need to invite all the guests to the registry office, and what is this wedding if it does not have fireworks? Treat them calmly and just take them as another expression of love and concern. And at the same time, make decisions yourself.

  • Wedding planning will be frustrating. 

And that’s okay too! During those 3-6-10 months that you are preparing for the wedding, a huge amount of tasks, information, ideas, questions and answers will need your attention at once. Yes, ordinary life will go in parallel, but all your thoughts will be in preparation. Most importantly, try to discuss it only with those who are as interested in it as you are.

  • You will change your wedding plans all the time. 

A flower arch at the ceremony, a magician welcoming guests, a huge cake, a slide of champagne, ribbons on chairs … At first, it will seem to you that all these are essential things. Don’t make all the decisions at once, because there are a million wedding ideas and you still won’t be able to implement them in one wedding. Choose the most interesting and closest to your couple.

  • There will be additional expenses. 

No matter how carefully you plan everything, still something additional will appear in the wedding preparation process. Guests, decor details, a dish on the menu — be prepared for this both morally and financially.

  • You will probably have dreams about your wedding.

Because you will constantly prepare for your wedding, talk about it, and then fall asleep, planning the seating of the guests. Do not make wedding preparation the goal of your whole life. This way you can really enjoy it. And don’t forget to be distracted and rest. It is a must.

  • It will not be easy to find a good contractor. 

It will take a long time to find a good contractor that will not be late for meetings, will not joke inappropriately or be ready to work for a particular amount of money. Be patient and make as many phone calls as possible to find the best contractor. You can search on the Internet or ask your friends who they worked with. And we know for sure you will find the perfect team! Everything will work out!

  • You may even forget to eat at your own wedding.

Is planning a wedding really that hard? Wedding plannings are always very hard because weddings are very stressful for the groom and the bride, even though it is one of the most memorable days in your life. You must be choosing the menu for so long for the wedding, however, it is very likely that you will not have time to eat on the very day. And the most interesting thing: you won’t even notice it. Because there will be so many events, emotions, experiences and joys on this day! Therefore, we advise you to try to eat at least in the morning in order to gain strength for the whole long and happy day.

  • It will be hard to agree on the people to invite to the wedding.

Even though it is very likely you both agreed that there is no point in inviting people you have not seen for 5 years but when the day comes, it might be hard to agree on the guests. If your parents insist on inviting someone who you do not want to see, just say no because it is your days and not theirs.

  • In the end, no mistakes will matter and your wedding will be exactly the one you dreamt of. 

All worries, disputes, doubts, even if something goes wrong on the wedding day itself will be absolutely unimportant. Did you think everyone would pay attention to the shade of the tablecloth? No, everyone will focus on you and your fiance.

Therefore, try to approach your preparation so that you do not get tired on your wedding day. When this wonderful day comes, you will forget about all the difficulties and will be just happy that you are now husband and wife! It’s time to celebrate this fact!

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