How to Celebrate Your Birthday If You Have No Friends

Many of you may remember how you could not sleep in anticipation of your own birthday, waiting for gifts, a party with friends, entertainment and much more. The magic of the holiday fades over the years, especially if you celebrate your birthday alone. The prospect of spending your birthday alone, whether it’s your decision or a dictated necessity, shouldn’t be discouraging. Read our tips and have a great birthday party without a bunch of invitees at home or elsewhere.

Is it okay to spend your birthday alone? It is totally fine to spend your birthday alone as long as you feel comfortable. You can still have a lot of fun that you will remember forever. You can dedicate the whole day to yourself and relax to the fullest. If you feel lonely, you can always talk to someone on the phone or via video call. 

Your birthday is coming up and you have no friends? Not a problem, read on!

What Should I Do For My Birthday If I Have No Friends?

Here are 10 amazing ideas of what to do for your birthday if you have no friends.

  • Dedicate the whole day to yourself (SPA, massage, manicure, shopping, beauty salon, etc.)

Do you dream to look like a cover model or to look like a Hollywood star, but your skin is not perfect, you don’t know how to make a cool make-up, and hairstyles are generally a bad thing? Your birthday is a great way to learn all this from the pros. Grab the money that your parents allocated for the holiday and spend it all on yourself! Go to the spa, for a massage, do a manicure and pedicure, according to the latest trends, then go shopping, and then go to a stylist and a makeup artist, let them choose an image for your face type, tell you how to find a zest in yourself and emphasize favorably dignity. With this knowledge and new outfits, you will always look stunning.

  • Go to the cinema for all sessions

I bet you didn’t have time to follow the news and watch all the films that came out in the last two weeks? The exams and admissions have probably consumed all of your time, and if so, your birthday is a great reason to catch up. Plan your day so that you move from one room to another and go to the cinema in the morning. At the end of each season, cinemas have a cult movie night, and you’ll have a new movie day, gorge yourself on popcorn and drink cola a month in advance.

  • Arrange a photo shoot

Good photos haven’t bothered anyone yet. And if your friends are not around right now, you can still arrange a cool, fun photo session and feel like a real model. Rent a studio, hire a photographer, make-up artist, stylist and choose an image or have someone close to you do it all, and then enjoy the process and the result. You can order a thematic photo session and appear in the image of your favorite heroine from a movie or a fairy tale, or just try on several fashionable images – the choice is yours. In any case, you will have great memories of this day, and with photos you will be able to delight your subscribers for a couple of months.

  • Go to another city

Why not? Seriously, find at least one good reason not to do this, other than the excuses “mom won’t let you in” and “no money.” You can ask for a trip to nearby cities as a gift, and take your parents with you, we are sure they are not as boring as you think.

  • Spend all money on gifts

Surely mom and dad planned to allocate a certain amount for renting a cafe or holiday attributes, but if there are no friends around, then you can easily score on firecrackers and drop everything on gifts, cheering yourself up in this way. Buy yourself a new dress or several at once, a piece of jewelry you’ve wanted for a long time, cool headphones or maybe even a phone. In general, think about what you need and buy it right now!

  • Have a day of selfishness

Yes, even more selfishness! There is never too much selfishness on a lonely birthday, so buy yourself cool pajamas, hang balloons previously bought by your parents around the room, cover yourself with gifts, take a laptop, pull the birthday cake closer to you and arrange a marathon of TV shows or films that your hands didn’t reach. And eat the cake yourself. Straight with a fork. Well, unless you share a couple of pieces with your ancestors, otherwise you can eat everything yourself and not worry about extra pounds – on this special day everything is possible.

  • Do what you wanted for a long time

Here we do not know what to advise you, because we are not aware of all your desires, but why don’t you do on your birthday what you have always put off, but have long wanted to do? No, we are not about terrible preparation for the fall semester at the university, we, for example, about a parachute jump, a dance lesson, an extreme sport, going to football, changing your appearance, confessing your love to that handsome man or something like that. Decide what you want!

  • Go to a super trendy place

Restaurant, exhibition, new park – choose what you like. A birthday without friends is not a reason to sit in your room, be capricious and sad, it is better to go to a new place that has opened in your city. Believe us, journalists, it never happens that NOTHING happens in the city and NOTHING opens, and if this is so, then most likely you are simply not aware of the latest events. Even in the smallest towns, something happens every day, so Google is there to help you, find a new exhibition and go to it, visit a skatepark or stop by a newly opened cafe and try all their desserts. And then the cake at home. There is never too much sweet.

  • Do something active

Why don’t you join teenagers like you on your birthday? For example, play paintball with a team of strangers in a sports club, not rock climbing in a sports palace, or go to a dance floor on the waterfront? Even if they are not your friends, they may well brighten up your birthday, and you can really make friends. How do you like the idea?

  • Spend the whole day in one place

Buy a hundred tickets at the amusement park and ride everything at once (and on that scary, scary wheel, too, yes), spend the whole day in the water park, sliding down the highest slides and hanging in a huge Jacuzzi with a milkshake. Or rent a house at the recreation center and combine business with pleasure – entertainment, cultural programs, swimming in the pool and a banquet.

How to Make Your Birthday Special For Yourself? Do You Have No Friends to Celebrate It With?

  • Option one. Gastronomic

Stay at home and order your favorite pizza, a set of rolls or other delicious food from a nearby restaurant? Why not? You can make yourself a great stomach feast by giving up diets and restrictions for one day and allowing yourself absolutely everything. It is quite permissible in honor of the holiday to drink a glass or two of wine all alone. Alternatively, you can go to a restaurant and eat whatever you want alone. On a birthday, it is possible that the waiters will offer some kind of discount (just do not forget your passport!), And on the days of “general” holidays, special offers usually appear in the menus of cafes and restaurants, which you should also not refuse.

  • Option two. Shopping

What could be more natural than going shopping on a holiday to buy gifts for yourself, your beloved? Again, on a holiday you can always count on a discount, and on the buyer’s birthday, such discounts can be very solid. Of course, shopping is more fun with a company. However, shopping alone has its merits. For example, you plan the route yourself, no one bothers you with critical remarks, no one pulls you to other departments where you do not need at all. You can calmly and slowly choose a gift or a few gifts, without worrying about money – a holiday!

  • Option three. Salon

This option is ideal for women. Dedicating an entire day to your looks – isn’t that wonderful? It is advisable to choose the most favorite and pleasant procedures: for someone it is a massage, for someone a regular or infrared sauna, for someone – a manicure, for someone – cosmetology procedures. You don’t have to leave the salon at all, pampering yourself in turn with all possible services (in such situations, many salons offer big discounts). It’s nice that with this way of holding the holiday, not only the process, but also the result pleases.

  • Option four. Informative

There are many interesting short (from a few hours to a couple of days) master classes where you can learn something not too serious, but extremely exciting. For a holiday, for example, a wine master class is perfect, where experienced sommeliers will tell you about the intricacies of wine tasting, about the right choice of drink, about which wines are suitable for which dishes. It is worth noting that such master classes incredibly bring listeners closer to each other – thus it is quite possible to find friends for yourself.

It is also interesting to work out in various culinary courses, for example, in the preparation of sushi or cakes. The results of your training can then be eaten with appetite. For creative individuals, master classes on soap making, perfume creation, decoupage and various handicraft techniques are suitable. Maybe you will be interested in psychological trainings? In any case, you will not only have a great time, but also acquire new knowledge that never hurts.

  • Fifth option. Sightseeing

To some extent, this option is a kind of cognitive. It is enough to choose an interesting excursion, pay for it and go to learn something new, to admire previously unknown places, to photograph unfamiliar sights. You can go to another city, or you can independently go to the nearest museum – the choice is yours. The main difficulty is to choose a really interesting excursion.

  • Option six. Entertaining

You can have fun not only in the company, but also alone. Of course, you can’t play tennis alone, but it is quite possible to ride in a zorb (a huge transparent ball). Also at your service are instructors for horse riding, skydiving and other interesting activities. You can contact companies that offer “adventure as a gift”, you can entertain yourself on your own. In any case, you will never forget such a holiday.

Why not arrange a personal photo session, feeling like a professional top model for a couple of hours? The photographs taken can be admired on long winter evenings, remembering how great you had the time, they can be shown to friends and girlfriends, listening to compliments. The entertainment doesn’t have to be extreme. For example, you can just go to the movies or the theater. If a film or performance is interesting, then you will not have to regret the absence of a satellite.

  • Option seven. Lazy

This kind of vacation is ideal for those who are tired. Turn off all phones, stock up on disks with your favorite movies or interesting books, and lie in bed all day, lazily drinking hot chocolate (or another of your choice). This option goes well with the “gastronomic” one – you can order your favorite food at home so that you don’t cook yourself.

  • Option eighth. Nature

Why not take a walk in a park or forest area if the weather permits? Golden autumn will give you a bouquet of colorful leaves, summer and spring are aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of blooming nature, and in winter you can mold yourself a “friend” out of the snow and have fun.

  • Option nine. Romantic

If your heart is free and you are inclined to take risks, then this is far from the worst way to spend a holiday. You can register on a dating site, or you can go to a romantic party. According to statistics, many couples get to know each other on a holiday. You may be lucky too. The main thing is not to take this event too seriously. If the love of your life does not meet on this day, you can still have a great time in an atmosphere of romance and flirting.

  • Option ten. Wellness

Of course, going to the dentist on your birthday is a pretty extreme way to spend a holiday. But to do fitness or yoga, visit the pool or gym, drink oxygen cocktails – it is very fashionable, original and, most importantly, useful. Why not give it a try? You look, you will like it, and over time it will become a habit. As a result, you will be healthier and more attractive – which is a great gift, isn’t it?

This, of course, is not all the options for spending the holiday alone – there are many more. The main thing is not to follow the lead of your own complexes and feel lonely and abandoned, but, on the contrary, to pamper yourself with a pleasant and spend the day with benefit.

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