How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special on His Birthday?

It is your boyfriend’s birthday soon and you want to surprise him? Do you want to do something extraordinary to make your boyfriend feel special on his day? Here is an ultimate guide on how to make your boyfriend’s birthday the best.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special on His Birthday?

  • Start Celebrating Your Boyfriend’s Birthday Early in the Morning.

You can prepare a delicious breakfast and serve it to your loved one in bed. Just cook his favourite meal and wake him up with kisses. This will set the right mood for the day.

  • Decorate the Apartment on His Birthday.

To congratulate your boyfriend on his birthday, you can decorate your house with balloons, posters or small notes with congratulations. You can collect congratulations from all your friends and hang them around the house. In order to create a romantic atmosphere and pleasant memories, put your favourite large-format photos where you are together or his portraits everywhere in the apartment. This will surprise and delight your boyfriend when he opens his eyes.

  • Go on a Trip on His Birthday.

We all live in conditions of constant stress. If you want to make your boyfriend feel really special on his birthday, you need to distract him from the routine.

I know, travelling can be difficult for your budget, however, this is truly one of the best things to do on his birthday. Luckily, it is not a big problem to find some good-deal tickets and relax your mind for a couple of days.

If you decide to go somewhere for your boyfriend’s birthday, you need to take a couple of things into the account.
Firstly, you need to make sure that your boyfriend does not have any urgent tasks at work. Secondly, you need to think about whether your boyfriend has other plans for his birthday, for example, going to a football match on the next day after his birthday.

If he does not have anything special planned, you can set a little trip somewhere.

How can I surprise my boyfriend with a trip?

If you want to surprise your boyfriend with a trip, you need to start sorting things out in advance.

  • Make sure you and your boyfriend are both available on a particular date. Check whether he has anything important at work and do not forget to take a couple of days off at your work, too.
  • Think about a place where you can travel together. This might be some city in your country that is just five hours away from you or it can be another country. You can choose a new place for both of you or you can opt for a city that brings you some precious memories. It is up to you.
  • Sort out the tickets. It is better to start getting ready for your boyfriend’s birthday trip early since you will have more options for getting good tickets and accommodation.
  • Think about a place to stay. As you are the one who is planning the whole trip, you need to think about everything. Once you have got your tickets, it is time to start thinking about an apartment to stay in. The most popular websites are and
  • Plan what you are going to do on a trip. Think about the things that your boyfriend likes doing. It can be going to see some play in a theatre or a football game or maybe his favourite performer will have a concert in that city. Maybe your boyfriend wants to go climbing or to attend some art class? There are endless opportunities. Whatever you choose will set the mood for the whole trip, so make sure your boyfriend likes the activities.
  • Pick some nice restaurant for his birthday. What type of food does your boyfriend like? Does he like Georgian? Then find some cosy Georgian restaurant. I mean, it is his birthday, why not spoil your boyfriend on his special day? Moreover, a lot of restaurants offer a good birthday discount.
  • Buy the things you will need for your trip. Do not forget to put your favourite clothes that he likes.
  • Enjoy your small vacation together!

If you really want to surprise your boyfriend with a trip on his birthday, just do all the abovementioned things and when his birthday comes, tell him you are going to a very special place and take him to the airport without saying where you are flying. He will be extra curious and happy when he finally sees where you are going on a screen at the airport.

  • Throw a Birthday Party for Your Boyfriend.

To surprise your boyfriend, try to invite all the people your boyfriend would like to see on his birthday. You can also arrange a theme party: “punk style”, “Mexicans”, “aliens”, “Greek dinner”, “Hawaii”. There can be a specific dress code, fun contests for guests and a birthday boy and delicious food. You may order take-away from his favourite restaurant or cook something yourself.

  • Celebrate His Birthday in Nature.

Have you dreamed of celebrating this holiday surrounded by picturesque forests, on the shore of a lake or in the mountains? This is a unique experience that is definitely worth trying. Rent a house away from civilization, or buy tents altogether, pack your backpacks and go camping with your boyfriend to celebrate his birthday around a campfire.

  • Make His Childhood Dream Come True on His Birthday.

We all have our dreams and, unfortunately, not all of them come true. Try to subtly ask your boyfriend what dreams he had as a kid. Maybe some of them would be relevant now, too. It might seem difficult, but it actually is not. Talk to his parents and ask what he likes as a kid. After all, you want to wish him a happy birthday so that she will remember it for a long time?

  • Call on the Radio.

Tell the whole world how you love him and order a song for your boyfriend. Choose the song that will remind him of some very important moments. This is a very original present that will make your boyfriend feel special on his birthday.

  • Video Surprise for Your Boyfriend on His Birthday.

If you live far away from your boyfriend and cannot celebrate the day together, but you still want to make your boyfriend feel special on his day, you can record a cute video for him. This gift will take a lot of time but it will also bring unforgettable emotions.

You can record a video yourself or ask some of his friends to take part in this surprise. You will also need to edit the video and choose some nice songs to melt his heart and make your boyfriend feel special on his day.

  • Original Quests for Your Boyfriend on His Birthday.

To make his birthday fun with a real adventure, you consider quests. You can contact a company that specializes in organizing such events or you can independently come up with and implement something special.

For example, you can organize a small surprise trip. In this case, you will need to carefully think over all the details and organize the process, draw up a route of movement around the apartment or outside the home. It will be necessary to organize several intermediate points at which the birthday boy can find notes with subsequent instructions. The final destination can be either a place for a party where everyone will gather to celebrate a birthday or simply a room in which a gift is hidden. It all depends on the scale of such an idea.

It is quite possible to slightly complicate the process by supplementing the instructions with some simple and pleasant tasks for the birthday boy. But you need to delicately select tasks since not everyone can appreciate such surprises at their true worth.

As for the rest of the quest options, you can use ready-made offers. For example, fans of horror movies will love this style of quests, and travellers will definitely love the options with adventure elements. The main thing is to choose the right one, taking into account the preferences of your boyfriend and make sure that all security measures are taken into account in the organization you have chosen.

  • Just Relax.

You can congratulate your boyfriend on his birthday and celebrate this event in a cosy and calm atmosphere, for example, you can go to the spa where you can just relax and be alone. The spa will distract you from your routine and create pleasant memories. This option is very good if your boyfriend does not like big parties and just wants to relax. 

  • Extreme Surprise on His Birthday.

Buy two tickets for any extreme activity such as rock climbing, ATV racing, extreme driving, bungee jumping or parachuting. Take your boyfriend to this place without telling him where you are going. It will make him curious and excited. Or you can invite him for a paintball game. It is great male entertainment that any guy will love. Go to a paintball club with friends and invite his friends.

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