500+ Best Never Have I Ever Questions – The Party Never Stops

Never Have I Ever Game is a great way for both teenagers and adults to have a good time. What makes this game utterly amazing is that it revolves around asking questions which can be deep, funny, insightful, silly or even embarrassing. We know it may be difficult to invent such questions offhand, and for this reason, we prepared an extensive list of Never Have I Ever questions to help you. Everything that you need to play this game is to bring friends together and start asking questions in turns. Note that there are certain rules to follow in this intriguing game.

How to play Never Have I Ever Game

The game is best played when there are 4-5 people participating. If there are fewer participants, the game will end too quickly. If there are too many players, then it is better to divide into groups of 5. All who play should stretch out their hands so that one can see each other’s fingers and sit, forming a circle. Every participant takes a turn to read a question. Suppose it is a question like “Never have I ever lived in Chicago?”. Players who have ever lived there, should bend one finger. Your fingers are your points. You lose the game if you bend all your fingers. The next question should be asked by another player in a circle. While reading a question, everyone gives an eye to those who bend their fingers. If only one participant bends their finger, he/she should tell their story of how it happened.

The most important aspect about Never Have I Ever Game is that participants must play honestly and bend fingers only if they really never have ever done what is mentioned in the question. Only playing fair, would you be able to get to know each other better and have fun. And our list of 500 Never Have I Ever Questions will make your game really exciting.

Any participant can start the game, and each question begins with the phrase “Never Have I Ever…” following the remaining part of the question. Are you ready? Let’s go!

For convenience, Never Have I Ever questions are broken down into 5 categories:

  • Funny never have I ever questions
  • Good never have I ever questions
  • Never have I ever questions for teens
  • Never have I ever questions for couple
  • Embarrassing never have I ever questions
  • Deep never have I ever questions

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions would suit teenagers and adults alike. If you want to scream with laughter with your friends, then take advantage of exactly this category of questions.

1. … had my face slammed in a cake

2. … been riding on a car roof

3. … put my finger into a cat’s mouth while yawning

4. … seen a goose dancing

5. … licked my fingers after eating delicious food

6. … created fake accounts in social media sites

7. … eaten food in a supermarket without purchasing

8. … licked up the spilled milk off the table

9. … tried to wash a cat in a washing machine

10. … lost a bet

11. … wanted to make a sneaky quiet fart in public so that nobody would notice but eventually farted very loudly

12. … been riding a shopping cart in a supermarket

13. … entered my parents’ room when they were doing it

14. … hidden food from my guests when they came to me

15. … tried to sleep with my eyes open

16. … spoken with my pets about the purpose of life

17. … laughed till I cried

18. … bumped into an entrance door in the supermarket

19. … laughed at a feeble joke

20. … been speaking with my mouth stuffed with food

21. … shouted loud when I saw a spider next to me

22. … gone to a public toilet when there was no toilet paper there

23. … talked to myself when nobody saw

24. … peed in a sink

25. … cut off a cat’s whiskers

26. … accidentally broken something at my friend’s house and did not tell about this

27. … picked up a piece of food from the floor and eaten it

28. … cried after watching a sentimental Disney animated movie

29. … hugged with a kangaroo

30. … screamed when watching a horror movie

31. … been able to roll my tongue

32. … been able to bite my elbow

33. … danced and imagined myself a famous dancer

34. … tried dog or cat food

35. … been chased by a cloud of bees

36. … tried to put a bulb into my mouth

37. … worn socks with holes

38. … spoiled my friends’ selfies

39. … spied on people kissing

40. … added Mentos to Coca-Cola

41. … been at my friend’s place when my legs smelt bad

42. … secretly stolen food off other people’s plates

43. … got acquainted with somebody on Facebook who turned out a fake

44. … put my head between bars of a tiger’s cage in a zoo

45. … played a robber by putting a stocking on my head

46. … been dancing on a table in the club

47. … looked through the telescope at the stars

48. … stolen money from parents

49. … gone out in a pajama

50. … ditched school to watch my favorite series or a talk-show

51. … dropped my smartphone in the toilet

52. … deleted my account in a social network but then recovered it over time

53. … skipped hand washing after going to the toilet

54. … been beaten by a vampire bat

55. … teased a monkey in the zoo

56. … spread Nutella on a slice of cheese

57. … peed in a swimming pool

58. … lied in a job interview

59. … put on a zombie costume for Halloween

60. … thrown things from the window at people passing by

61. … hidden from parents in a wardrobe

62. … dyed hair in bright-green or bright-blue colors

63. … been locked in a shopping center for a whole night

64. … gone out with my fly open

65. … fallen asleep in a cinema during a movie

66. … dreamed of changing appearances with my girlfriend/boyfriend

67. … put something on a gas stove and forgotten about it

68. … made somebody a compliment about appearance but actually did not think so

69. … fallen down because of someone tripped me

70. … put a plastic bag on my head during a heavy rain

71. … fallen into a pool fully clothed

72. … taken a duck face selfie

73. … eaten a whole pizza alone

74. … stolen office materials from my job

75. … been swimming in the ocean or the sea without swimming trunks or swimsuit

76. … taken on mismatched socks

77. … fallen asleep in the sun and got burned

78. … worn clothes the wrong side out the whole day without noticing that

79. … told my friend’s joke but arrogated it to myself

80. … fallen from a ladder

81. … crushed somebody’s wedding or party

82. … seen a hedgehog drinking milk

83. … stroked a crocodile

84. … used somebody’s smartphone without permission

85. … accidentally eaten an insect

86. … kissed a cat

87. … been waiting in a field for a lightning to hit me to get superpowers

88. … laughed at the most inappropriate moment

89. … been running away from a ghost

90. … been blocked by someone in a social network

91. … stumbled and fallen down in public

92. … missed my stop and had to return

93. … played pranks on someone on the 1st April

94. … seen a dog eating ice cream

95. … sung in karaoke all night long

96. … actually laughed out loud when typing LOL

97. … got stuck in an elevator

98. … been afraid of clowns

99. … shaved my head bald

100. … told lies while playing the Never Have I Ever game.

Good Never Have I Ever Questions

Good Never Have I Ever Questions are suitable for teenagers and adults who recently met and would like to get to know each other better.

101. … seen northern lights

102. … been in an all-inclusive luxury hotel

103. … Googled my full name to know the search results

104. … faked being ill to stay at home

105. … forgotten the name of a person I just got acquainted with

106. … been able to make a wish when I saw a falling star

107. … fled a restaurant without paying

108. … sprinted away from the police

109. … seen a human baby born

110. … watched any Star Wars episode

111. … faked I’ve known a stranger

112. … imagined myself singing on a large stage

113. … bought off-size clothes from the Internet

114. … woken up deep at night to eat something

115. … wanted to have parkour skills to jump from a roof to a roof like Neo from the Matrix movie

116. … pretended there was nobody at home when my neighbors were ringing the doorbell

117. … called my friend by a wrong name

118. … sworn to say the truth when I was actually telling the lie

119. … driven a limousine

120. … wanted to be as clever as Bill Gates or Elon Musk

121. … been able to tie a tie correctly

122. … lied about my real age

123. … re-gifted a present that I did not like

124. … eaten salads at McDonalds

125. … been driving a car while drunk

126. … played the Truth or Dare game

127. … slept in regular clothing at night

128. … wanted to be any of the Lord of the Rings main characters

129. … cried after watching the Titanic movie

130. … seen a sunrise and sunset on the same day

131. … fallen asleep in a bathtub filled with water

132. … talked to a stranger about my life

133. … hidden my face on the street so my friends could not recognize me

134. … accidentally sent a message to a wrong person

135. … borrowed money from somebody

136. … given a fake phone number to somebody because I did not want to give the real

137. … forgotten to congratulate somebody’s on their Birthday

138. … promised to do something but backed out of my promise

139. … read Shakespeare in the original

140. … eaten lobsters

141. … whistled with the help of my fingers

142. … borrowed anything from my next-door neighbors

143. … seen a tsunami

144. … visited a shadow theater

145. … practiced yoga

146. … traveled around the world

147. … understood the body language

148. … lost consciousness

149. … eaten the shark meat

150. … removed hair from my body with wax or sugar

151. … actually liked Jerry from Tom and Jerry cartoon series

152. … used somebody’s else bath supplies

153. … dreamed of becoming a film-maker

154. … walked around the city all night long and came home only in the morning

155. … lied to a policeman

156. … changed a baby’s diaper

157. … been totally without clothes and looked in the mirror

158. … been able to play the guitar

159. … found money on the street without picking it up

160. … sleepwalked

161. … listened to the same song on repeat for more than a week

162. … been disappointed with a gift but did not show that and said I really liked it

163. … paused to think that I got into a situation which I recently saw in a dream

164. … written a letter without sending it

165. … wanted to change my gender

166. … promised to keep a secret but babbled it out to somebody

167. … put on pretty clothes to drag all eyes on me

168. … been convicted of lying

169. … been to Asian countries

170. … had hallucinations

171. … envied people with extrasensory abilities

172. … found a pearl shell

173. … jumped with a parachute

174. … seen a cactus blooming

175. … wanted to be a vegan

176. … kept a diet for more than 2 weeks

177. … dived with an aqualung

178. … been happy all week

179. … drunk in a bar for somebody’s account all night long

180. … bought clothes but did not dress it at all

181. … counterfeited somebody’s signature

182. … been drunk at work

183. … pretended to be busy to avoid meeting with somebody

184. … pretended to be a student in order to get a discount

185. … been gifted with a jewelry

186. … squeezed pimples on my face

187. … had any kind of allergy

188. … been an art-body model

189. … been able to learn foreign languages

190. … been a ticklish person

191. … taken a morning-after pill

192. … dried a cat or a dog with a blow-dryer after bathing

193. … stood under the rain without an umbrella

194. … worn PRADA

195. … had bad habits

196. … pretended I was doing something important to avoid going to school or work

197. … won the lottery

198. … woken up in an unfamiliar place

199. … practiced my public speaking skills in the mirror

200. … driven a Ferrari sport car

Never Have I Ever Questions For Teens

Surely, this game is very popular among teenagers; that’s why we prepared a whole Never Have I Ever Questions category precisely for teens.

201. … been able to dance a low break

202. … tried to count all stars in the sky

203. … screamed with delight when I listened to a new song of Justin Bieber

204. … hung out with friends all night long

205. … played scary pranks on my friends or relatives

206. … tried to dance like Michel Jackson

207. … damaged my father’s car

208. … slammed a door in anger

209. … gnawed my nails

210. … wanted to be a Hogwarts wizard

211. … sung Gucci Gang song by Lil Pump aloud

212. … stolen something from a supermarket without paying

213. … purchased a neon yellow or green sweater

214. … fallen from the upper shelf of a train

215. … worked in McDonalds fast-food restaurant chain

216. … thrown my smartphone at the wall

217. … lifted the rabbit by its ears

218. … ironed laces

219. … uploaded funny videos to YouTube

220. … gone for a night city race

221. … seen a cat swimming in a pool

222. … done anything wrong in my life

223. … played Pokemon Go

224. … spied on my siblings when they were taking a shower

225. … helped a senior citizen to cross the road

226. … caught falling snowflakes with my mouth

227. … searched a song in Google without knowing its name

228. … deleted my photo from a social network because it has not received many likes

229. … held in hands a million of dollars

230. … visited Las Vegas

231. … participated in reality shows

232. … gone for a quest

233. … been to a hard-rock concert

234. … been afraid of mice

235. … conquered Mount Everest

236. … liked milk foam

237. … ditched school

238. … stroked a little panda

239. … taken part in “Floor is Lava” challenge

240. … eaten mustard without anything

241. … seen a Coca-Cola polar bear in real life

242. … laughed until cry

243. … actually used any of YouTube life hacks

244. … hugged a hedgehog

245. … registered in Pinterest

246. … feared a monster that lives under my bed

247. … dropped my laptop on the floor and broken it

248. … retouched my photos in Photoshop

249. … read any Harry Potter books

250. … been jealous of anybody

251. … seen a volcanic explosion

252. … mixed sweet and salty foods and eaten them together

253. … played video games non-stop all day long

254. … made a snow angel

255. … been secretly in love with my school teacher

256. … smoked in a school toilet room

257. … seen a two-headed snake

258. … been swimming together with dolphins

259. … wished to be a billionaire

260. … made wishes at New Year Night

261. … escaped from home

262. … argued with any of my school teachers

263. … followed any YouTube blogger

264. … could put my whole fist in my mouth

265. … met any celebrity on the street

266. … forgotten my passwords for Facebook or Twitter

267. … taken a picture of my face on a Xerox machine

268. … thought that Xbox is better than Playstation

269. … built a sandcastle

270. … been afraid of the darkness

271. … rescued a tiny kitten from a tall tree

272. … smashed crockery in anger

273. … eaten fish and dairy together

274. … crossed the road against the traffic lights

275. … been riding on a pony

276. … gone for night diving

277. … been to the Space

278. … gone hunting

279. … liked visiting zoo

280. … watched Discovery Channel

281. … looked at myself in a broken mirror

282. … gone hiking

283. … got lost in a forest

284. … loved animals

285. … climbed a tree

286. … been chased by a dog or a cat

287. … got my tongue pierced

288. … hidden cigarettes from my parents

289. … got into the cinema for free

290. … stayed up all night long

291. … taken a ride on an extreme roller coaster

292. … tried to get my college or school teachers to like me

293. … watched the same movie for more than 5 times

294. … played in a paintball club

295. … jumped off a fence

296. … jumped rope more than 50 times at once

297. … got an electrical shock

298. … been driving a jet ski

299. … seen dog-fighting

300. … bought designer clothes for my pets

Never Have I Ever Questions For Couples

If you want to add a romantic touch to this game, especially if there are loving couples participating, then leverage our Never Have I Ever Questions for Couple questions. However, Never Have I Ever questions for couples may be very tricky but will definitely help you get to know your other half better.

301. … kissed with someone of the same gender

302. … been a good kisser

303. … got into a friendzone

304. … counted the number of people I kissed with

305. … wanted to have children

306. … had a romantic candlelight dinner

307. … fallen in love at first sight

308. … kissed on the first date

309. … tried edible underwear

310. … taken panties off somebody only with my teeth

311. … taken a selfie totally without clothes

312. … flirted with any of my school teachers

313. … slept without underwear

314. … kissed with any celebrity

315. … installed Tinder

316. … sunbathed totally without clothes on a public beach

317. … been in a situation when a person of the same gender tried to get acquainted with me

318. … fallen in love with someone via online interaction

319. … gifted somebody a hand-made Valentine’s Day card

320. … flown in a hot air balloon

321. … been kissing in the back row in the cinema

322. … cooked an Italian pizza

323. … made a marriage proposal

324. … taken initiative on the first date

325. … dated with someone ten years older than me

326. … believed in a friendship between a man and a woman

327. … confessed my love at the top of a mountain

328. … been kissing in a public place

329. … introduced my boyfriend/girlfriend to my parents

330. … made a compromise during a quarrel

331. … imagined how I would spend my honeymoon

332. … been in long-lasting relationships

333. … presented somebody with a gold jewelry

334. … been in a long distance relationship

335. … gone for a trip on a desert island

336. … allowed my boyfriend/girlfriend to read my conversations in social networks or texts in my phone

337. … taken the first step to making peace after a quarrel

338. … celebrated New Year with a loved one

339. … been long looking on the stars in the sky together with someone

340. … remained blind to my partner’s faults

341. … spent the night at my girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s house

342. … been chatting with someone all night long

343. … reserved a table for two in a posh restaurant

344. … massaged someone

345. … bought two theater tickets for a famous performance

346. … cried during heart-piercing moments in a cinema so that my boyfriend/girlfriend saw this

347. … developed romantic relationships via the Internet

348. … felt being in love while looking at someone

349. … celebrated Saint Valentine’s Day alone

350. … taken a ride on an extreme roller coaster with my boyfriend/girlfriend

351. … painted a portrait of my boyfriend/girlfriend

352. … been in open relationships

353. … had an aqualung dive with my partner

354. … got a pearl shell from the sea bottom for someone

355. … been dancing a slow dance with my boyfriend/girlfriend

356. … been cooking together with my significant other

357. … been dating with someone my parents did not approve

358. … been dancing the tango with someone in the middle of the street

359. … made a date on the skyscraper roof

360. … had a romantic picnic under the set of the sun

361. … fed someone with a spoon

362. … dreamed of winning the mountain peak together with my boyfriend/girlfriend

363. … rented a luxury yacht for a romantic tour

364. … purchased two tickets to Miami

365. … dined in a restaurant with live music with my boyfriend/girlfriend

366. … been singing in a duet with my partner our favorite song

367. … invited my boyfriend/girlfriend for a horse ride

368. … wanted to travel in time to experience the first kiss one more time

369. … been taking a shower together with my partner

370. … made a love story photo book together with my boyfriend/girlfriend

371. … played with someone the Truth or Dare game

372. … got my partner’s name or image tattooed on me

373. … spent a night with someone on the beach in the open air

374. … given someone virtual gifts

375. … had a holiday romance

376. … called someone “Babe” sweetly

377. … had a mutual photo shoot together with my boyfriend/girlfriend

378. … taken my partner out for a concert of a popular singer

379. … talked openly about my feelings

380. … requested a song on the radio for my boyfriend/girlfriend

381. … been driving a car all night long together with my partner

382. … wanted to go for a tour to a far side of the world

383. … sent someone a cute morning text message

384. … gone paragliding with my partner

385. … forgiven a betrayal

386. … got stuck in an elevator with someone intentionally

387. … gone for a romantic quest together with my sweetheart

388. … sent a love e-mail

389. … confessed my love in the public view

390. … seen the sunrise together with my darling

391. … had a heart-to-heart talk sitting by a fire in a forest

392. … cooked my soul mate chocolate biscuits

393. … recorded a disk with my own love songs

394. … given someone a wildflower bouquet

395. … been looking in the eyes of my partner for more than 10 minutes without saying a word

396. … wrote someone anonymous letters

397. … been listening to the sound of the waves with someone sitting on the seaside

398. … striven to be better than my other half

399. … said my friends nay to go for a walk together in order to spend time with my girlfriend/boyfriend

400. … played video games together with my love

Embarrassing Never Have I Ever Questions

If you want to take the game to the next level of difficulty, give a try to our Embarrassing Never Have I Ever Questions. These questions may be hard to answer frankly, but if you can ask them yourself and answer honestly, you have all rights to consider yourself a strong person.

401. … deceived someone who trusted me

402. … teased junior students at the school

403. … double-crossed someone for the sake of my own benefit

404. … reduced someone of my family to tears

405. … lost my control so that I could not keep up my temper in check

406. … shifted the whole blame on another person

407. … associated with someone only for the sake of money

408. … given up on someone who really loved me

409. … thrown away handfuls of money

410. … laughed at the strangers’ clothing or behavior

411. … pretended to be kind to people whom I actually despised

412. … become disillusioned with people

413. … ruined other people’s mood just because I felt sad or angry

414. … used rude lexicon when talking to my parents

415. … been ashamed of my country

416. … made a late-night drunk call to my ex

417. … had an embarrassing video with my participation uploaded on YouTube

418. … been threatening someone

419. … been the cause of the quarrel after which I lost my friends

420. … been shouting at someone in anger so that I stretched my ligaments

421. … failed to love seriously again because of previous unrequited love

422. … been dating with two girls/boys simultaneously

423. … got under the influence of a bad person

424. … risked my life

425. … refused to help someone who needed it

426. … been greedy to my friends when they were asking to borrow them some cash

427. … made a scene in a supermarket because they did not give me a couple of cents for a change

428. … been late for a date for more than 30 minutes

429. … been laughing at someone’s misfortune

430. … wanted to hack someone’s account in a social media and read correspondence

431. … been sitting in my room for the whole day long without talking to anybody and answering phone calls from my friends

432. … regretted that I was born exactly in this family

433. … counted other people’s money

434. … envied other people’s wealth

435. … dumped my boyfriend/girlfriend just because my parents hated him/her

436. … judged people by appearance

437. … entertained the idea that one day I would put my parents into a home for elderly people

438. … got kicked out of college for behaving badly

439. … worn my underwear longer than three days without changing

440. … picked my nose and eaten the booger

441. … cheated on my girlfriend or boyfriend

442. … struggled from unreciprocated love

443. … cursed at someone

444. … tortured animals as a child

445. … been in a relationship with someone without loving him/her

446. … said rude things or applied harsh epithets to strangers who were older than me

447. … lost faith in life

448. … apologized to my family for behaving rudely

449. … argued with my neighbors

450. … discussed my family problems with friends

451. … refused to share food with friends

452. … fixed the meeting with someone but did not come and even did not warn that I would stay at home

453. … quarreled with someone because of money

454. … thrown a stone at someone

455. … hated my rival or competitor deep in my mind

456. … been crying at the school or college because of bad grades

457. … sacrificed myself for the sake of a relationship which did not develop further

458. … taken offense at someone and did not forgive them so far

459. … argued with my friends about the meaning of human life

460. … been so angry that I wanted to kill somebody

461. … suffered from an inferiority complex

462. … tried to impose my opinion on somebody who had an opposite point of view

463. … blamed women who have abortions

464. … bulled anyone in the social networks

465. … judged people who have pets instead of children

466. … made my family be ashamed of me

467. … gone without a shower for more than 3 days

468. … been arrested for disruptive behavior or law violation

469. … regretted something I did

470. … felt guilty for hurting someone

471. … fallen into the same trap twice

472. … felt lonely in relationships

473. … been listening to music so loudly that disturbed my neighbors’ rest

474. … blamed poor people for having multiple children

475. … gone outside without underwear

476. … been in a state of shock for a long time

477. … helped out someone in the street and rescued them from a danger

478. … broken a storefront

479. … been rejected when asking someone for a slow dance

480. … asked a fortune-teller to predict my life

Deep Never Have I Ever Questions

If you want to plunge into your inner world, discover your secret personality, and reflect upon serious things, then give a go to our Deep Never Have I Ever Questions.

481. … believed that happiness could be bought with money

482. … been afraid of death

483. … thought that our society can exist without a government

484. … wanted to change something in my past

485. … supported the idea that parents must be responsible for their children’s actions

486. … agreed with an idea that money makes the world go round

487. … thought what I would do if I were the only person survived after the end of the world

488. … really cared what other people may think about me

489. … found a real reason why I drink alcohol

490. … thought that the fate is unfair with me

491. … really known what I want to do with my life

492. … let negative emotions rule my behavior

493. … got an idea that somebody is happier than me

494. … believed in God

495. … comprehended why religion causes the most conflicts in the world

496. … wanted to know why the legendary Atlantis island went underwater

497. … understood why there is no effective, yet affordable, anti-cancer medicine so far

498. … thought what my life would be in ten years

499. … dared to ask myself why I spend so much time on social networks

500. … asked a psychologist to help me sort out my life situation

501. … been able to respond to criticism

502. … actually forgiven people who hurt me

503. … prayed to God when I got into a severe situation

504. … wanted to change any physical feature in me

505. … suffered from a depression

506. … worked for charitable causes

507. … been afraid of telling people what I really think about them

508. … supported any of current religions

509. … wondered how our Universe started

510. … been afraid of loneliness

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