The Art of Looking Good: How To Impress The Fairer Sex

We all want to look our best, especially when we want to impress that special someone. Maybe she has already agreed to go out with you, maybe you’re still working on her, or maybe you just noticed her across the room and want to get better acquainted. How you look – your clothes, your demeanor, your body language – influences how she reacts to you.

Your Clothes

Dressing well does not necessarily mean wearing the most expensive clothes or the trendiest fashions. It means wearing clothing that’s appropriate for the occasion, that’s neat and clean, and that flatters your body shape.

Wearing the right clothes helps you in other ways, too. When you look good, you feel good and that confidence shows. Women appreciate a man who cares enough to dress neatly for them, and they’ll like going places with you. Add some basics to your wardrobe, like wrinkle-free shirts and pants, so you’ll always have something in the closet that’s ready to go with minimal effort.

Your Behavior

Looking good to a woman also involves behaving appropriately. It’s good to be a gentleman who opens the car door and helps her with her coat. Don’t be loud or obnoxious and don’t let arrogance creep into your demeanor.

Pay attention to her thoughts and feelings, and be willing to express your own. This may seem silly to you, but relationship experts say that the most common complaint women make about the man in their life is that they don’t express their feelings and emotions. Even if it’s hard for you to do so, give it a shot and with practice it will get easier.

Another situation where your behavior is important is when the two of you are around friends, family or co-workers. Do you treat her with respect and courtesy or do you ignore her and let her fend for herself? When you’re with your guy friends do you gawk at other women or do you simply look away? Rude behavior when she’s with you will definitely not impress her, and stories about rude behavior when she’s not with you will usually find a way back to her ears.

Your Interests

Most women want to be around a man who is interesting and well-rounded. If you have a special hobby or activity, share your enthusiasm with her. Ask about her interests and learn more about them. Read books and stay current on events so that you can carry on an intelligent conversation about a wide variety of subjects. Dull and boring does not impress a woman, but interesting and enthusiastic does.

Your Hygiene

Nothing turns a woman off faster than a man who needs a shower, a haircut, or a toothbrush. Everyone sweats, of course, but clean yourself up before you go on that date. Keep your hair clean and neatly trimmed, along with any facial hair you may have. Don’t eat an onion burger just before going out with her, and please get rid of your chewing tobacco for the duration.

Your Generosity

Most women like to receive thoughtful gifts but are wary of a man who tries to buy a relationship through extravagance. Spoil her with flowers every so often, but remember that a card, a poem, or a simple note will mean as much or more to her. Give of yourself and she’ll appreciate you more than ever.

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